About Overland Training Canada

Our staff 


Highly experienced staff

All of the team at Overland Training Canada are passionate, well rounded and comitted educators. We only use the best.


Have real experience

Experience cannot be replicated. Our staff have extensive experience in their fields – gained over years of training and service.


Are certified

Using instructors that are certified in their own fields, gives you the piece of mind they are the right people of the job.


Are respected

Our company is well respected, testament to our commitment to professional and correct training.

The leading mobility training company

Who are we?

Overland Training Canada is the leading professional off road training company based in British Columbia, Canada. Our operations extend across Canada, USA and further afield.

Our focus is on all aspects of off road vehicle or machine training, particularly off road driving, vehicle recovery, expedition consultancy & training, driver assessments, program design, OEM / vehicle manufacturer support, press drives, automotive events, and specialist machine operation.

Overland Training Canada instructors are fully certified and have extensive experience in their industry – giving you the very best instruction possible.

All of our courses are suitable for all levels of users, from young industry operators to the most seasoned individuals and teams who require specialist training for their job or workplace.

City & Guilds
Royal Geographic Society
Explorer's Club

Combined years of relevant training

Individuals taught per annum

Our ethos and process

Overland Training Canada provides the very best education in the industry. It is our ethos and processes that consistently allow us to deliver at the very highest standards.

Mission statement

The mission of Overland Training Canada’s training programs is to train its students to become critical, thoughtful, productive, safe and experienced individuals who are prepared to operate safely in their chosen environment.

Training philosophy

Our training philosophy has some key components:

First, we seek to make all of our students’ activities meaningful – whether as a form of personal or professional development such as basic navigational skills.

Second, our training is geared directly toward the skills and capacities our students will need to operate safely and efficiently in their applied domains. For example, training tasks could include individual safety, group control, personal skills, intermediate and advanced skills, recovery / rescue, etc.

Third, our overarching goal is to train students in the art of translating our knowledge into action – through teaching, training of external groups, field experience, expeditions, consulting.

To these ends, we seek to ensure that students gain understanding of their chosen program and to provide continuing programs to aid further development. Our instructors are actively involved in their field of interest and expertise both socially and professionally.

Our students receive numerous opportunities in and outside of their programs to practise those activities that best prepare them for their final learning goals. We also offer numerous opportunities for students to learn from other students through combined programs with other individuals if desired. All of these activities contribute to our students’ growth personally and as upcoming experts in their chosen program.

Training goals

We seek to:

  • Instill in our students understanding of their complete environment and its implications / challenges.
  • Promote a safe approach to all tasks and situations.
  • Foster student growth and development.
  • Prepare students to operate in all environments with the best ability and pre-training.

General outcomes: 

  • Student experience & knowledge led programs.
  • Adapted to suite your needs and the desired personal goals.
  • Safe, fun and challenging.
  • Progressive, always leading you to your next goal and preparing you for that.
Quality assurance

To ensure that we deliver at the highest level, all of our instructors are qualified in their various fields along with supporting certifications, including:

  • BC Forest Safety Council Resource Road Driving Instructor Trainer
  • City & Guilds Level 2 Off Road
  • City & Guilds Trainer & Assessor
  • Wreckmaster
  • OFA 1
  • OFA 3
  • Varying levels of driving licences
  • CAA Operations Level 2
  • Rope Rescue Instructor
  • Snowmobile & ATV / UTV Instructor
  • Snowcat Operations Instructor
Where we operate

Overlanding BC is based in British Columbia, Canada. However we can travel anywhere in the world to deliver programs or conduct business.

The instructors

Our current list of staff includes:


  • Christopher Walker
  • Paul Cooper
  • Joanne Younker
  • Richard Warrington
  • Penny Dale
  • Keith Hammermeister
  • Colin Hanes
  • Ray Hyland
  • Ken Gallant
  • Richard Sheridan
  • Finbar O’Sullivan
  • Chris Susut
  • Adam Ingham
  • Kevin Schandelmeier
  • Peter Storck

Our clients are our best testimonial

The team at Overland Training Canada are unparalleled in their experience, professionalism and dedication to the training of our vehicle operators. Their understanding of what is required on the job site is critical to the success of the program. The instructors are adaptable, open and professional encouraging good dialogue between all experience levels within the participants – everyone left the courses with new and refined safety critical knowledge.

Some of our experience

Automotive industry

Our team works in many aspects of the automotive industry across the globe.

 Our experience includes competition training, consumer ride and drives, press drives, testing, photography, film and dealer training.

Lead instructors

Experience and respect allows us to lead training at many large and well known events, including the Overland Expo Series.

Leading large and dynamic groups in effective education is a skill.

Program design

Our programs are adaptive and have the capability to fit most scenarios. We have designed and implemented many bespoke programs for many aspects of off road training, driving and machine operating.


Industry, government, law enforcement

Overland Training Canada specializes in off road driver and operator training for industry, government, law enforcement and many more.

We offer a variety of official programs and certifications that suite the requirements of required training, as required by the Occupational Health And Safety Acts.

The Rebelle Rally

We are a preferred official training partners for the Rebelle Rally. Our skills and experience give you the best training options in preparation for this life changing and amazing competition.

Our experience throughout the rally itself gives a unique insight into what it takes to compete.

Driver / operator certification

Our core programs managed by the BC Forest Safety Council are the Resource Road and ORV training programs. These programs are perfect for all operations that use these vehicles or machines in the workplace. Equip your team with the most up to date and safest skills supported by industry certification.

Certified & experienced instructors

All of our instructors are trained and certified using a variety of organizations to ensure the best standards possible, such as the BC Forest Safety Council, City & Guilds, ICBC, Wreckmaster, CAA and the I4WDTA.

Certification and training is a significant aspect to the quality of our team, but it has to be supported by relevant industry experience. Each one of our team is selected upon their teaching experience in industry and their real world knowledge – ensuring you get the very best.