Training benefits & safety

Reduce risk, increase safety


Appropriate training

Our experienced team delivers appropriate training, training supported by decades of industry experience.


Reduce your risk

Using the correct training is proven to reduce the risk to your workforce, infrastructure and equipment.


Increase safety

Having the correct training and safety operation procedures (SOP’s) in place creates a safer workplace.


Increase efficiency

Reduce your worker, equipment operational downtime by equipping your team with the right skills.

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How it works

We work with you to ensure you get the most cost effective, appropriate and efficient training program for your organization.

  • Talk to our team and share your vision
  • Discuss the options that fit your business
  • Let us build you an estimate and program outline
  • Provide feedback and approval
  • Date and location selection
  • Governing body course registration
  • Pre-course materials
  • In field training delivery
  • Evaluation and certification

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Reduce risk

Increase safety

“Safety training is an investment in human capital that pays dividends in the form of fewer accidents, reduced injuries, and a healthier, more productive workforce.”

Overland Training Canada – the only company for your driver, operator and safety training needs – supported by decades of industry experience.

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Safety, a priority

Our team of highly experienced instructors only delivers training that fits your occupational health and safety program. We ensure that we understand your business and what you need to ensure your workforce, infrastructure and machinery’s safety.

SAFE Certified